What to expect from a digital marketing agency

If you haven’t worked with a digital marketing agency before, you may not know quite what to expect or how to integrate an agency’s ideas into your overarching brand strategy. It’s a good idea to set your expectations from the get-go to make sure working with a digital agency is right for your team and your business as a whole. 

In this blog, we’re lifting the lid on what brands should and shouldn’t expect when working with a digital marketing agency… 

‘Dive in and do it’ might sound exciting at face value, but you should expect a digital agency to deliver a more measured approach and fully immerse themselves in your brand, overall performance and competitor set before developing a comprehensive plan of action. 

It’s well-known that agencies are proactive and fast-paced, so you can expect hard work from the get-go, but in some cases it’s essential for a digital agency team to take a few weeks to dive into your site’s analytics first. If you’re just looking for someone to whip up a couple of social graphics or draft up a random blog in half an hour, we’ll point you to Fiverr.